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Arbrea’s tools help you improve the quality of virtual consultations

Online consultations are becoming more prevalent, despite current restrictions on performing elective surgeries. Some sources have suggested that the “Zoom effect” has stimulated demand for plastic surgery and that once the clinic’s doors are reopened, patients are “beating down the doors to get in.” (Edgar, 2020)

The beauty of online consultation is that it removes location boundaries. Plastic surgeons who are usually deemed to be too far from a patient’s location are suddenly accessible for a consult. All without the hefty travel fees, making it cost-effective and most importantly in current times, eliminating the risk of infection.

While popular online teleconference platforms provide ease of connectivity, the limitation lies in the lack of articulacy of communication. If seeing is believing, then patients will anticipate seeing the “before and after” visuals, in order to complete the decision-making process.

Arbrea Tools bridge the gap between the doctor and patient

Arbrea Labs’ surgeon apps for breast surgery and face facilitate the communication process between plastic surgeons and patients. While the surgical expertise always remains in the hands of the surgeons, the technology that’s been integrated into an app transforms a regular iPad into a surgeon tool. Backed by Augmented Reality, 3D, Artificial Intelligence and real-time scanning of breasts and/or face, the surgeon app is simple and comfortable to use for surgeons. It’s simplicity at its finest and a seamless patient’s journey.

As always, privacy and confidentiality are non-negotiable in every doctor-patient relationship. The advantage of the Arbrea surgeon app is that the information stays on the iPad – Arbrea Labs does not have its own cloud, nor does the tech provider receive any patient data from the app itself. It remains safe, private and confidential between the surgeon and patient.

Asking your patients to send their photos for an assessment ahead of a phone consultation is simply not enough anymore. Patients are becoming better-informed and have learned from their peers the possibility of catching a glimpse of their future self during an initial consultation with their surgeon. To be able to do that and not compromise on safety, avoid costly contracts or have to allocate bulky devices in your home office, is the kind of efficiency you simply can’t afford to miss in either physical or online consultations of your practice.

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