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Arbrea Breast
AR & 3D Simulation

Enhance your consultations with Augmented Reality

Simulate potential breast surgery outcomes in AR and 3D, in less than 90 seconds. With our Breast Simulation Tool, you can optimize your patient’s decision-making process by clarifying visually the most common questions.

The fastest AR tool

Our capture process allows you to simulate and sculpt in less than 10 seconds

Extremely simple and usable

Our simulation tool is the only intuitive and easy to use

Your data is always protected

No internet connection is required; all your data is stored on your device

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How it Works

Take 3 pictures of your patient

Directly from your iPad, from anywhere. There is no need of internet connection or external sensors.

Simulate in AR, 3D or Image Mode in Real Time

Enjoy the world's most efficient AR & 3D Breast Simulator. Simulate in seconds with your patient online or remotely, without any trouble.

That's it, isn't it wonderful?

Arbrea Breast is designed to be extremely simple, does not require extra hardware and you can start in seconds.

What is in it for you

Top-notch Technology

Arbrea Tools are developed by the best minds in AR/3D Imaging globally. Our headquarter is in Switzerland, right next to the renowned university ETH Zurich.

The Tool You Deserve

Arbrea produces the safest, fastest, and simplest tools in the market. It requires one minute to set up and ten minutes of training. Ready?

A Tool for every PS

Arbrea tools are so fast and straightforward, smartly designed to assist you during consultations. You decide how, when, and why!

Operate More

A positive conversion rate is the result of an excellent consultation. Arbrea tools allows your patients to comprehend with ease and decreases their anxiety.

Word of Mouth Effect

Patients love Augmented Reality and 3D. For the these tools are the easiest way to comprehend the possible outcome. Imagine how it will boost your organic growth!

Optimize Your Practice

Remember that patient you visited months ago? Retrieve her details and measurements in seconds, with no hassle, and book her surgery now.

Dr. Constantin StanPlastic Surgeon

Arbrea creates excellent tools to really show the patients the size of the implants selected and the effect on her breasts. Arbrea is a much simpler tool for doing my consultations online in this Coronavirus time. We exchanged the external sizers or the mirror consultation with the digital Arbrea software.

Dr. Enrique SteigerPlastic Surgeon

3D technology is a modern development in the field of plastic surgery, which is very helpful for patients. Arbrea Labs has developed an app where we can pre-visualize surgical results.

Dr. Antonio BraucciAesthetic Doctor

Arbrea is the best, fastest and most effective way to communicate and impress my patients without increasing my consultation time.

Dr. Ernesto Maria BuccheriPlastic Surgeon

Arbrea is a software that allows me to let the patient choose the prosthesis before surgery (...). My patients and I are very satisfied.

Dr. Simone LapadulaPlastic Surgeon

Arbrea's software allows me to let the patient choose the implant before surgery (...). My patients and I are very satisfied.

Prof. Dr. Matthias ReichenbergerPlastic Surgeon

Arbrea is a company in Switzerland and is very simple, which is why we like it. You only have to take 3 pictures and then you can show the patient very easily what 100cc, 200cc or 300cc actually means.”


Augmented Reality

Extremely precise AR that allows a Mirroring experience

3D Mode

The simplest 3D to use ever in the same tool, all in the same place


Automatic calculation of the patients body that helps you plan the surgery


You are the artist, an innovative approach to consultations

Implant Catalogue

Need to show a precise implant from a precise brand? No problem

Reduction tool

Mastopexy, Implant removal, Asymmetries, Reconstruction, Mastectomy.

Remote AR

The only Augmented Reality tool for online consultations

Start in 5 minutes

You can integrate it in less than 5 minutes, everywhere