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Simplify your consultations with Arbrea Suite

*For Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Specialists Only

Arbrea Suite helps aesthetics professionals manage their consultation time smartly by optimising communication with patients through complete and reliable visual supports.

Arbrea Suite

With Arbrea Your Data Stays Yours. Always!

Your data, your control! The advanced algorithms of Arbrea Suite make cloud independence a reality, providing not only greater security for you and your patients, but also unparalleled flexibility. Arbrea’s got your back, even when you’re offline!

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Arbrea Suite

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Why Arbrea Suite

88% impact Factor

88% of patients find Arbrea's augmented reality simulations helpful for decision making.

87% Conversion Rate

Arbrea Suite achieved an outstanding 87% conversion rate in online consultations.

Time Saver

Simple, fast, safe. Streamline your clinic operations and reduce consultation time with Arbrea.

A new era of precision and efficiency

Arbrea Suite combines the power of Arbrea Breast and Arbrea Face to redefine the way aesthetic professionals work and interact with their patients. Doctors benefit from enhanced communication and improved decision-making while streamlining their workflows. Patient profiles are securely managed, and before-and-after images catalogue simplify documentation.

Who is Arbrea Suite for?

Plastic Surgeons

The ultimate tool for plastic surgeons to simulate and visualize transformative procedures like rhinoplasty, profileplasty, fat grafting, and chin augmentation with unparalleled precision.

Aesthetic Doctors

Unlock the power of aesthetics with Arbrea Face, the go-to solution for aesthetic doctors to simulate and perfect injectable treatments and a wide range of facial treatments for exceptional results.


Experience the future of dermatology, empowering dermatologists to simulate and tailor facial treatments, anti-wrinkle therapies, and injectables for personalized and rejuvenating outcomes.

Looking for a Breast Simulator?

Discover Arbrea Breast

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About Arbrea Suite

What devices are needed to use Arbrea Suite?

Arbrea Suite can be used conveniently on an iPad or iPhone using the device’s built-in camera to scan patients and conduct the simulations. No external scanner is necessary, making it an accessible and user-friendly solution for healthcare professionals.

Can I customize Arbrea Suite with my brand identity?

Yes, Arbrea Suite allows you to personalize your interface with your logo and colors, enabling you to create a strong brand image when interacting with patients and clients

How many simulations can I perform with Arbrea Suite?

Our plans do not include a limit for simulations. You can simulate as many cases as you wish!

What functionalities does Arbrea Suite offer for medical professionals?

Arbrea Suite offers a comprehensive range of functionalities tailored to meet the needs of medical professionals. These include Breast and Face Imaging software for accurate analysis, a Patient Database for efficient record-keeping, and a before-and-after tool to track and document patient progress over time. With these features combined in one platform, medical professionals can streamline their workflow and enhance patient care.