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The Face Simulator like no other before

*For Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Specialists Only

Experience the future of facial transformations with Arbrea Face, the cutting-edge Face Simulator tool that brings real-time augmented reality and 3D magic to your fingertips. Discover the ultimate simulation for rhinoplasty, injectables, and facial treatments, revolutionizing how you explore your perfect look.

rhinoplasty simulator

Who is Arbrea Face 3D and AR simulator for?

Plastic Surgeons

The ultimate tool for plastic surgeons to simulate and visualize transformative procedures like rhinoplasty, profileplasty, fat grafting, and chin augmentation with unparalleled precision.

Aesthetic Doctors

Unlock the power of aesthetics with Arbrea Face, the go-to solution for aesthetic doctors to simulate and perfect injectable treatments and a wide range of facial treatments for exceptional results.


Experience the future of dermatology, empowering dermatologists to simulate and tailor facial treatments, anti-wrinkle therapies, and injectables for personalized and rejuvenating outcomes.

Unleash the power of augmented reality in facial transformations

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How it Works

Scan your patient with ease

Simply use your iPad's camera to scan your patient - no external scanner required. The scanning process is quick and seamless, taking less than a minute.

Simulate in AR or 3D in Real Time

Choose between AR and 3D modes for simulation. 3D mode aids in treatment planning, while AR mode creates a magical mirror-like experience for patients, generating a wow effect.

Engage, Educate and Share

Seamlessly connect all the tools in Arbrea to streamline the patient's journey. Share the simulation effortlessly with your patients via Lindapp or email, and let word-of-mouth do the rest.

Unlock the potential of precision and innovation

Discover the AR advantage for face procedures

Experience a groundbreaking way to revolutionize your practice

Treatments Catalogue

Seamless simulations of surgical and non-surgical
facial and anti-aging treatments

3D & AR Mode

Experience the next level of realism and immersion with Arbrea Face's dynamic 3D and AR modes

rhinoplasty simulator

Automatic Measurements

Essential face analysis tool: all the parameters are calculated automatically

Live Support Chat

A dedicated team is always available to offer you the best customer experience.

Elevate Your Practice with Arbrea Face

Whether you’re exploring rhinoplasty, botox, fillers, lip augmentation, chin augmentation, or other facial procedures, Arbrea Face elevates your practice by providing a seamless and realistic simulation. Engage your patients like never before and unlock infinite possibilities for transformative results. With Arbrea Face, take your expertise to new heights and revolutionize the way you approach facial procedures.
lip filler simulator

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Discover Arbrea Breast

Transform Your Followers into Patients

Lindapp - The patient's App

About Arbrea Face

What devices are needed to use Arbrea Face?

Arbrea Face can be used conveniently on an iPad or iPhone using the device’s built-in camera to scan patients and conduct the simulations. No external scanner is necessary, making it an accessible and user-friendly solution for healthcare professionals.

How does the 3D model creation work?

To create a 3D model, the doctor simply needs to scan the patient’s face using the iPhone camera. This quick process takes approximately 20 seconds.

What is required for the AR mode?

For the Augmented Reality simulation mode, the doctor needs to capture three pictures of the patient using the frontal camera of the iPad or iPhone. These pictures enable the augmented reality experience.

Can Arbrea Face be used for both surgical and non-surgical procedures?

Yes, Arbrea Face offers simulations for both surgical and non-surgical procedures. It caters to a wide range of treatments, including rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, botox and fillers, chin augmentation, and more.

Can Arbrea Face be integrated into patient consultations?

Absolutely! Arbrea Face is designed to enhance patient consultations. The simulations can be shared with patients using tools like Lindapp or email, allowing them to visualize the potential outcomes and make informed decisions. This interactive experience helps educate patients and facilitates effective communication between the practitioner and the patient.