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Augmented Reality for Aesthetics

Next-generation of Medical Augmented Reality simulators

We have faced the challenge of making complex software accessible to everyone. Arbrea’s Augmented Reality & 3D tools simulate potential cosmetic medicine and surgery outcomes in less than 90 seconds, using only an iPad or an iPhone.

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Arbrea's Best seller

Arbrea Breast

Amaze your patients with AR without complications, from anywhere

Just like a magic mirror

Arbrea Face

Just like a mirror, AR will help you and your patients to simulate and align in seconds

Improve their journey


The perfect tool to provide your patients the experience they deserve before the consultation

Cutting-edge technology tailored to the human needs

What We Build

Fast, Simple & Safe

We create approachable and usable tools to allow everyone access to the most advanced technological products.


Ethics & Transparency are the pillars of our value proposition. We create technologies at the service of people.

Deep tech & Innovation

We see the world through the prism of innovation. Our multidisciplinary team of DeepTech experts brings experience and research to MedTech industry

Augmented Reality leader

We are born with Augmented Reality, and now we are pioneering the Medical Metaverse. Our solutions lead the AR market for Aesthetics.

Discover the best Augmented Reality tool for Breast Surgery

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“Arbrea is a company in Switzerland and is very simple, which is why we like it. You only have to take 3 pictures and then you can show the patient very easily what 100cc, 200cc or 300cc actually means.”

Prof. Dr. Matthias ReichenbergerPlastic Surgeon

“Arbrea creates excellent tools to really show the patients the size of the implants selected and the effect on her breasts. Arbrea is a much simpler tool for doing my consultations online in this Coronavirus time. We exchanged the external sizers or the mirror consultation with the digital Arbrea software.”

Dr. Constantin StanPlastic Surgeon

“3D technology is a modern development in the field of plastic surgery, which is very helpful for patients. Arbrea Labs has developed an app where we can pre-visualize surgical results.”

Dr. Enrique SteigerPlastic Surgeon

Discover how AR can improve your activity

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