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Fast, simple and safe Augmented Reality for aesthetics

Arbrea’s Augmented Reality & 3D tools simulate potential aesthetic outcomes in seconds, using only an iPad or iPhone, without complicating your medical practice.

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Before Arbrea


Inaccurate tools foster false expectations

Lack of visual communication hampers patient education

Doctors experience limited involvement in the patient journey

With Arbrea

No more unrealistic expectations from external sizers or photos

Enhanced decision-making with visual education

Streamlined consultations and supplier management


Next-generation of AR & 3D simulators

Unlock the full potential of the Arbrea Digital Suite to stay present in every step of your patients' journey

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Unleashing speed and usability, no internet connection needed

Why Arbrea?

It's not just about the solutions we provide; it's about the partnerships we build. We collaborate closely with our clients, understanding their unique challenges and crafting tailored strategies that drive tangible outcomes.


Save time. Simplify consultations without complications.


Portable simulators for iPad and iPhone, no internet needed.


Constantly updated tech for your ultimate user experience.


Unlimited expert training and branded marketing materials for your clinic.

lip filler simulator
Dr. Constantin StanPlastic Surgeon

Arbrea replaces external sizers, providing an excellent way to visualize implant sizes and their effect on the breasts.

Dr. Enrique SteigerPlastic Surgeon

Arbrea Labs developed a 3D app for pre-visualizing surgical results, a modern and helpful advancement in plastic surgery.

Dr. Antonio BraucciAesthetic Doctor

Arbrea is the best, fastest and most effective way to communicate and amaze my patients without increasing my consultation time.

Dr. Ernesto Maria BuccheriPlastic Surgeon

Arbrea is a software that allows me to let the patient choose the prosthesis before surgery (...). My patients and I are very satisfied.

Dr. Simone LapadulaPlastic Surgeon

With Arbrea, I can effectively plan surgeries for my patients by selecting the most suitable implant based on their body proportions.

Prof. Dr. Matthias ReichenbergerPlastic Surgeon

Arbrea is incredibly user-friendly. Just take three pictures and easily show patients the meaning of 100cc, 200cc, or 300cc.

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