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Lindapp – Your Marketing Booster

Attract new patients in less time

Lindapp transforms marketing strategies with AI, providing personalized digital experiences for patients. Optimize your marketing ROI, generate high-quality leads, and boost patient engagement with Lindapp.

Lindapp lead generator

Why should you integrate Lindapp into your marketing strategy?


Lindapp piques the curiosity of your followers and encourages them to book a visit with you, ultimately driving patient flow and solidifying your reputation in the industry


Engage, amaze and retain new patients without allocating new budgets to your campaigns. Lindapp is an attention catalyst will act as a lead magnet to attract patients who are truly interested in your services.


Lindapp goes beyond mere simulation—it’s a key to positioning your clinic as a leader in technological innovation and setting yourself apart from the competition.

Attract, Engage and Convert New Patients with Lindapp

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Decrease cost and time per new lead

Explore a new way to grow your business

Branded with your logo

Customize Lindapp with your brand colors and logos to strengthen your online presence and boost recognition. Elevate your clinic's visibility and brand identity.

Arbrea AI & 3D Experience

Unlock the full potential of Arbrea's AI & 3D technology to amaze your patients with an immersive experience like never before.

Lindapp lead generator

Connected to
your booking system

Easily connect Lindapp with your booking system to seamlessly receive leads into your existing funnel. Streamline lead management without the need for additional channels.

Fully private Patient Journey

Arbrea solutions guarantee your safety by eliminating the risk of cyber attacks and data loss - we never store patient data.