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All-in-One Augmented Reality Suite for Aesthetics

Simplify your consultation and boost your business

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The Arbrea's Impact Factor


of patients who try the Arbrea Experience consider it indispensable for their surgical decisions


of patients, after experiencing Arbrea, expressed their satisfaction with the simulation's accuracy


conversion rate was achieved in online consultations where the Arbrea simulator had been used

What is included in Arbrea Suite?

Arbrea Breast

Arbrea Breast is a gateway to improved communication, decision-making, and patient satisfaction. It enhances the consultation process by providing a unique, immersive, and hands-on experience for both surgeons and patients.

  • AR & 3D mode
  • Breast Implants Catalogue
  • Automatic measurement tool
  • Suppliers management tool
Boobs simulator
rhinoplasty simulator

Arbrea Face

Arbrea Face, an innovative and transformative Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D simulator designed to revolutionize facial surgical and no surgical procedures.

  • Live Augmented Reality Mode
  • Automatic measurement tool
  • Surgical and non-surgical procedures
  • Injection Point Tool


As patients explore Lindapp, they engage with its features, such as appointment scheduling, simulation in AR and 3D, and instant communication with clinic staff. The app's intuitive design ensures that patients feel confident navigating its various functions.

  • Integration with your booking system
  • Logo and contacts of your clinic
  • Integration with Arbrea Breast and Face
  • Unique clinic code