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How it all started

A sophisticated approach to Aesthetics

We want to revolutionise the world of aesthetic technology, being the first to pioneer the Medical MetaverseOur history is intertwined with the personal experience of our CEO Dr Endri Dibra and his passion for medicine, surgery, and cutting-edge technology. It would not be possible to extract one aspect from another to him. This passion was heightened after breast cancer occurred in his family. It changed how he perceived the combination of the three, especially after witnessing the trauma of mastectomy and its psychological impact on women.


The contemplation of finding a solution as a follow-up to breast cancer rehabilitation ran in the background of Endri’s mind as he was undergoing his PhD thesis on Digital Human Avatars reconstruction from images at the Computer Graphics Laboratory of ETH Zurich Switzerland. Backed by decades of research and passion as fuel, Arbrea Labs brought together professors, research scientists and tech Oscar winners from Disney Research and ETH Zurich.


Discover our solutions

Innovators and people-centric

Ethics, usability and simplicity are the three pillars of our research. We focus on listening and understanding our customers’ problems and needs to develop people-centric AR solutions. Our multidisciplinary team works every day to guarantee everyone access to the most advanced technologies.

Arbrea Labs is proudly recognised to pioneer the next dimension of AI and AR in plastic surgery and face aesthetics. Our simulators have been a game-changer in medical consultations and help build a bridge between doctors and patients.

A Word from the CEO

Since the beginning of Arbrea Labs, we invested most of our time and money into R&D and developed a unique, cutting-edge AR Consultation Tool for plastic surgeons that is up to the Swiss quality standards. With the great effort of an amazing team of world-class specialists in computer graphics, computer vision, artificial intelligence and physically based simulations I am proud to say that Arbrea is now pioneering the next dimension of AI and AR in the fields of plastic surgery and face aesthetics.

Dr. Endri Dibra – CEO

Our history

Arbrea Incorporation

Arbrea is born, our very first prototype is introduced, fundraising


First users and trials

Public demos, Pilots with Surgeons and Clinics, soft launch in American ASPS Fair


First customers and growth

Official release of Breast tool, first customers and deals worlwide, Launch of patient app


Scaling worldwide

Incredible growth in every term, AR Face tool, further deals in every continent, new educational concept


To be continued!

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