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Arbrea Labs
People-centric AR & 3D solutions for Aesthetics

Meet Arbrea Labs

Ethics, usability and simplicity are the three pillars of our research. We focus on listening and understanding our customers’ problems and needs to develop people-centric AR solutions. Our multidisciplinary team works daily to guarantee everyone access to the most advanced technologies.

Arbrea Labs is proudly recognised as pioneering the next dimension of AI and AR in plastic surgery and face aesthetics. Our simulators have been a game-changer in medical consultations and have helped build a bridge between doctors and patients.

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The Vision Behind Arbrea Labs

Since the beginning of Arbrea Labs, we have invested most of our time and money into R&D and developed a unique, cutting-edge AR Consultation Tool for plastic surgeons that is up to the Swiss quality standards. With the great effort of an amazing team of world-class specialists in computer graphics, computer vision, artificial intelligence and physically based simulations, I am proud to say that Arbrea is now pioneering the next dimension of AI and AR in the fields of plastic surgery and face aesthetics.

Pioneering the Medical Metaverse

Arbrea Labs is the pioneering force behind Medical Metaverse, dedicated to improving the communication process between patients and doctors. Our team of world-class experts shares a passion for medicine, surgery, and technology, striving to provide innovative solutions that enhance patient care and well-being. With a commitment to pushing boundaries and driving innovation, Arbrea Labs is transforming the world of aesthetic technology.

At the helm of Arbrea Labs is Dr Endri Dibra, a seasoned expert in deep learning and digital human avatar reconstruction. Dr Dibra’s personal experience with breast cancer in his family has fueled his passion for developing innovative solutions that enable patients and doctors to communicate more effectively. Backed by a team of professors, research scientists, and tech Oscar winners from Disney Research and ETH Zurich, Arbrea Labs is at the forefront of Medical Metaverse technology.

Our Story

Arbrea Incorporation
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Official Release of Arbrea Breast
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2022 - Now
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