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Dr Enrique Steiger invites Arbrea Labs to observe a real-life surgery

The following post is written by Dr. Endri Dibra, CEO of Arbrea Labs.

I had the pleasure of being invited to observe a real-life surgery in an Operating Room (OR) by Dr. Enrique Steiger and Clinic Utoquai in Zurich, Switzerland. The occasion was in fact, a part of Arbrea’s research and plan for product improvement and preparations for current and future new innovations.

Dr Steiger Operating room

Endri Dibra observes a real-life surgery in Dr Steiger’s Operating Room

Dr. Steiger has been using the Arbrea Breast Tool for pre-surgical simulation with his patients during consultations. For this particular observation, we are focusing on breast asymmetry correction and lifting as part of our product research. After following hospital protocols, I got to witness Dr. Steiger’s expertise in his craft. The team of Utoquai Clinic is a group of experts in managing and maintaining sterility in the OR. I learned new surgical steps in achieving the best asymmetry correction.

The procedure

At initial consultation, Dr Steiger used our surgeon app on the patient. The app rendered Augmented Reality and 3D images within seconds of scanning the patient’s body. The app also offered a variety of implant sizes and recommendations.

After a mutual agreement, Dr. Steiger and his patient decided on the preferred size of breasts after surgery. This process led Dr. Steiger to bring three different sizes of implants to the OR, in consideration of the asymmetric shape changes (to which the app gave suggestions as well.)

If you’re wondering why I’m outlining the steps as above, it is due to the fact that they have contributed to the research and creation of our latest feature of the surgeon app: base and projection alterations.

Now back to the OR: Dr. Steiger ended up only requiring to try two sizes of implants (300c and 350cc). Visibility in differences from the two shapes were clear, tested while the patient was lying down and standing up. It’s worth noting that the comparison of the results was done by putting pictures of the patients in the stand-up position on a monitor a distance away. The results were amazing, and I was in awe of Dr. Steiger’s craft and the professionalism of the medical team.

Why was a trip to the OR to witness real-life plastic surgery necessary? I can concur that it was just one of the small steps we take in our future planning. Small steps towards a goal in business, like in life, are significant as not only do they establish and build momentum, they give us the chance to course correct should we find ourselves in an undesirable position or direction.

I’d like to thank Dr. Steiger and his wonderful team at Utoquai Clinic.

If you want to find out more about Augmented Reality Simulators for plastic surgery, book a demo with our experts.