Augmented Reality
Simulation & Sculpting

Communicate and educate visually

Save time and convert faster
Fast & effective communication with your patients
Easy to use and set-up, pre-visualization of mammoplasty in seconds
Protect your data
Data stays on your device
100% privacy guaranteed
No scanner required
iPad only
Fully portable solution
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3 Steps of Your Patients' Journey with Arbrea

Step 1

Customized Patient App (LindApp)

Your patients are probably wondering how they would look like post-surgery. With Arbrea, you can now offer them a glimpse of their future self. Use our customized patient app created especially for your practice. Build engagement, trust and convert faster.

Customized Patient App

* the Arbrea Patient App (Lindapp) can only be used with an access code from an Arbrea Surgeon. Please contact us for more information.

Customized Patient App to show post surgery breast operation result
Remote consultation for breast surgery
Step 2

Remote consultation (Arbrea Surgeon App)

Use the Arbrea Surgeon App in remote consultations over a simple video call! Results can be shared with patients in real time. Your communication in remote consultations are more effective and feels more personalized.

Watch how a remote consultation with Arbrea works.

Step 3

Live Augmented Reality (Arbrea Surgeon App)

When your patients come to your clinic for a consultation, offer them a preview of their future self by looking into a "magic mirror". In real time, your patients are able to see how they’d look like after their surgery. This allows you to find out more about their wishes while giving you the opportunity to create engagement and educate your patients about the procedure, based on your expertise.

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Live Augmented Reality to visualize breast augmentation operation

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