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As a plastic surgeon, you know that every patient comes to you with their own unique set of goals and concerns. They want to know what they can expect from their desired procedure, and they rely on you to guide them through the process. However, it can be difficult to answer questions about surgical outcomes and visualize the potential results – that’s where Arbrea Labs comes in. With their cutting-edge simulators, Arbrea Breast, Arbrea Face, and Lindapp, you can help your patients better understand their options and feel confident in their decisions.

Virtual Models for Breast Augmentation, Reduction, and Lift Procedures

Arbrea Breast is a simulator designed specifically for breast surgery procedures. Using 3D imaging and Augmented Reality, you can create a virtual model of your patient’s breasts and simulate different implant sizes, shapes, and placements. This allows you to show your patient the potential outcomes of various breast augmentation, reduction, or lift procedures and help them make informed decisions about their desired outcome. You can demonstrate the expected changes in breast size, shape, and position and adjust the simulation as needed to ensure the best possible results.

Demonstrating Changes in Facial Symmetry, Proportions, and Contours

Arbrea Face, on the other hand, is a simulator for facial plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments. With this simulator, you can create a 3D model of your patient’s face (next release in June 2023) and simulate various procedures, such as rhinoplasty, facelifts, or chin augmentation. You can also simulate non-surgical procedures, such as dermal fillers or Botox, and show the potential effects on facial structure, wrinkles, and volume. With Arbrea Face, you can demonstrate the expected changes in facial symmetry, proportions, and contours, helping your patient to make informed decisions about their procedure.

Lindapp: Empowering Patients with 3D Imaging

Arbrea Augmented Reality Suite

But what about the patient’s perspective? That’s where Lindapp comes in. This patient Augmented Reality app works in conjunction with Arbrea Breast and Arbrea Face, allowing patients to see their own 3D images and simulation results. They can simulate their desired outcome from the comfort of their home and share the result with their doctor, helping them to feel more confident and informed about their procedure. With Lindapp, patients can explore various surgical options, see the potential outcomes of different procedures, and communicate with their surgeon about their goals and concerns. For the doctor, this is a great marketing tool, allowing patients to generate a personalised preview of facial and breast treatments, providing that extra nudge they need to book a treatment with you.

Addressing Concerns about Surgical Outcomes

Using these simulators, you can answer a wide range of questions from your patients. Want to know what your patient’s nose will look like after a rhinoplasty? Arbrea Face has got you covered. Worried your patient won’t be satisfied with their breast implant size? Arbrea Breast can help you find the perfect fit. You can show your patients the step-by-step surgery process and demonstrate the expected recovery process, scarring, and swelling.

In short, Arbrea simulators provide a powerful tool for plastic surgeons to better visualize and communicate surgical outcomes to their patients. By using these tools, you can help your patients make informed decisions and feel confident about their desired procedure. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to the future of plastic surgery visualization with Arbrea Labs!

Whether you’re performing breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, or another plastic surgery procedure, Arbrea simulators can help you and your patients feel more confident and informed about the process. So why wait? Contact Arbrea Labs today to learn more about how these simulators can benefit your practice and improve patient outcomes.