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Breast augmentation surgery is a complex procedure that requires careful evaluation of the patient’s body to achieve optimal results. Achieving the desired results requires thoroughly evaluating the patient’s body before the surgery. Ensuring that the implants are proportional to the patient’s chest and body shape is crucial. This is where body analysis becomes essential in achieving harmonious results.

Dr Otavio Maximino, a skilled plastic surgeon, understands the importance of body analysis before breast augmentation surgery. He uses Arbrea Labs simulation to ascertain whether a particular implant suits the patient’s body. The simulation tool uses advanced algorithms and AR technology to analyze the patient’s body and recommend the most appropriate implant size.

The Importance of Breast Base Value in Body Analysis

Measurements with Arbrea Breast

One of the critical factors that Dr Maximino considers when performing body analysis is the breast base value. According to a study published in JPRAS (Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery), “The importance of accurate and detailed measurements cannot be overstated, since the success of any breast augmentation procedure is dependent on appropriate patient selection, accurate assessment of breast dimensions and ultimately, the selection of the appropriate implant.” (1) This highlights the importance of considering the patient’s breast base value when determining the ideal implant size.

This value is crucial in determining the ideal implant size for the patient. Using the automatic measurement tool on Arbrea Breast, Dr Maximino can quickly obtain this value and consult the table with the suggested implants. After determining the suggested implant size, Dr Maximino simulates the implant on Arbrea Breast to assess the proportion of the breast to the patient’s chest. This simulation allows him to make precise adjustments to ensure that the implant size is in proportion to the patient’s body, achieving the desired results and creating a more natural appearance.

Improving Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction with Arbrea

Furthermore, simulation technology, such as Arbrea Labs, has improved patient satisfaction in breast augmentation surgery. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine found that “The three-dimensional simulation of breast augmentation using Arbrea Breast Software appears to be useful for the pre-operative planning of breast augmentation.” (2)

Dr Maximino’s use of Arbrea Labs simulation technology aligns with the findings of this study, as he can accurately determine the ideal implant size for the patient, leading to improved patient satisfaction and reduced need for revision surgeries.

In addition to improving outcomes, a study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found that “the results of breast augmentation should be considered in the context of the entire body, and the achievement of overall body proportion should be a goal of surgery”(3) This further emphasizes the importance of considering the patient’s body proportions when performing breast augmentation surgery.


Arbrea Breast ensures that the patient receives the most appropriate implant size for their body, avoiding unaesthetic results. Additionally, the simulation provides patients with a visual representation of their post-surgery appearance, allowing them to make informed decisions about their treatment plan.

In conclusion, body analysis before breast augmentation surgery, as demonstrated by Dr Maximino is crucial in achieving optimal results that are in proportion to the patient’s body. Using simulation technology, such as Arbrea Labs, can improve patient outcomes and satisfaction while considering the patient’s breast base value and overall body proportions can lead to more natural-looking results.

Dr Otavio Maximino

Dr Otavio Maximino

 About Dr Otavio Maximino

Dr Otavio Maximino is a skilled plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast augmentation surgery. He is a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr Maximino is recognized for using advanced technology, including Arbrea Labs simulation, to achieve harmonious and natural-looking results for his patients. He is committed to providing personalized care to each patient, considering their needs and goals. Dr Maximino is based in Brazil and is highly regarded in the field of plastic surgery.


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