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Arbrea tools help you to be present in each moment that matters

When it comes to breast augmentation and plastic surgery, there are so many options available. With breast augmentation in particular, it can be confusing in deciding which size or type of implants you should be getting for your surgery. We understand that you undergo high levels of stress and anxiety. As a company, we would love to help you overcome this obstacle and have found the simplest solutions to provide you with a better patient journey focused on simplicity, speed and privacy.

Step 1: Lindapp, the first visualization


Lindapp – The patients’app

Our goal is to assist you in alleviating your anxiety while identifying the results you wish to achieve.  The good news is that we have developed an app geared for patients called Lindapp. As a patient, you can now experience the first visualization of your desired breast surgery results in the privacy of your own home. With the use of just an iPhone, patients are able to experience 3D simulations within seconds, directly on their own bodies.

It’s now possible to pre-visualize outcomes of various sizes of implants, before your actual consultation with your surgeon. Privacy is guaranteed as the app is not connected to a cloud and you also have the option of excluding your face in the image caption. Moreover, it can be erased at the end of the session.

The iPhone app is customized individually for each and every participating surgeon, including their clinic’s logo. While it is free to download from the App Store, the app is only accessible with a code from them. In addition to experimenting with different sizes of implants, as patients, you are also able to send an email directly to your surgeon, all within the app.

We believe this facilitates communication between patients and surgeons, from the very beginning of the patient’s journey.

Step 2: The Arbrea surgeon app

We have created the Arbrea surgeon app for plastic surgeons. Its features are a lot more advanced than the patient app and it’s more than just a revisualization tool for breast surgery outcomes. In fact, it is a useful communication and education tool for both online and in-person consultations between patients and their surgeons, with minimal time required for set-up. The surgeon app thrives on simplicity: there are no limitations or requirements for extra devices.

Arbrea Breast Simulator

Arbrea Breast AR & 3D Simulator

With just an iPad, surgeons will take three pictures of your body (front view, 90-degree left and 90-degree right side). The images are then processed within seconds for the previsualization of surgical outcomes and shown to you during the consultation. The results are shown photo-realistically “directly” on your body.

With the Arbrea surgeon app, you are able to view additional advanced results. Its features are categorically more advanced than Lindapp as it offers different operation types, among other advanced features. The surgeon app also exhibits simulations with either round or anatomical implants. It also captures photos and videos and therefore can generate results from either a recorded or live Augmented Reality (AR) session within seconds. 

We strongly recommend that you enquire about the availability of Arbrea’s surgeon tool from your preferred surgeon. As patients, you can be assured that images resulting from their online consultations remain in their surgeons’ iPad as Arbrea is not connected to a cloud. However, should you not feel comfortable getting undressed during online consultation, you are also able to send pictures ahead of time to your surgeon. The 3D AR simulations can then take place with the surgeon showing results on their iPad, with patients watching it live from their computer screen or tablet.

Step 3: Personal In-Office Consultation

If you were to come in for a breast augmentation consultation at the plastic surgeon’s clinic, the above steps can be repeated with the added benefit of Live AR. Live AR facilitates breast surgery results mapped on your body, that’s projected on a large monitor. This is the effect that Arbrea Labs refer to as “Magic Mirror”. Imagine seeing your post-surgical results right there and then, with your plastic surgeon showing you how different implants might look like on your body.

You can then discuss details of your upcoming surgery with your surgeon, including but not limited to the size and type of implants to be used. We are here with you throughout your journey of making a big decision, a simple one. 

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