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Augmented Reality for Human Body

Deep Learning / Computer Vision / 3D Graphics Intern


Arbrea Labs is an ETH spin-off from the Computer Graphics Lab, ETH Zurich and boasts collaborations with leading MedTech companies. Working closely with our R&D will allow you to be part of a dynamic, forward-thinking group pursuing the challenging goal of building the first Medical Metaverse. Our AR&3D surgery simulators have entirely changed how patients and doctors interact during medical consultations, enhancing patient satisfaction and being a game-changer in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.

Task Description

As part of your thesis, you might deal with different tasks or focus solely on one specific task ranging from 3D Reconstruction and Tracking to AR/VR to the latest works in Deep Learning, Neural Fitting & Rendering, and Physic Simulations applied to human bodies. You will develop state-of-the-art Augmented Reality solutions and Digital Avatar algorithms for the niche of cosmetic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Depending on your background, we will tailor your thesis to match your interest and expertise. Special attention will be put on Deep Learning methods, such that they are suitable for smaller portable devices, e.g. smartphones or iPads.

Required Skills

  • Visual Computing Knowledge
  • A Deep Learning experience is desired
  • App Development/Integration experience is a plus


A written report and an oral presentation conclude the thesis. The thesis will be overseen by Prof. Markus Gross and supervised by Dr Endri Dibra and Dr Beren Kaul.