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In the realm of technological advancements, ETH Zurich stands as a renowned institution of higher learning, consistently ranking among the top universities globally. It is within the research labs of this prestigious university that the origins of Arbrea Labs can be traced. Led by our CEO, Dr Endri Dibra, Arbrea Labs emerged from his groundbreaking work during his PhD studies, driven by a deep desire to support women undergoing mastectomy and enhance their journey of care and breast reconstruction. This blog post delves into the inspiring story behind Arbrea Labs’ inception and its commitment to merging aesthetics and technology.

A Personal Journey Ignites Innovation

Endri Dibra’s personal experience with breast cancer in his family propelled him to dedicate his research to developing Digital Anthropometric Wallets of people and prototypes of Digital Human Avatar. Recognizing the challenges women faced during mastectomy and reconstructive procedures, Endri’s vision for Arbrea Breast took shape. As a PhD student at ETH Zurich, he leveraged the resources and expertise available at the university to create the initial prototype of Arbrea Breast, aiming to provide a supportive tool for patients in their aesthetic journey.

Research and Collaboration as a Pillar of Success

Arbrea Labs and ETH Zurich foster a collaborative environment where innovation thrives

Arbrea Labs embraces the ethos of research and study as fundamental components of its DNA. This commitment is evident in the multitude of ongoing research projects conducted in collaboration with students from ETH’s Computer Science and Business Development departments. By fostering a collaborative environment, Arbrea Labs promotes interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, allowing innovative ideas to flourish. Such collaborations further reinforce the symbiotic relationship between academia and industry, facilitating the translation of cutting-edge research into practical solutions.

R&D: The Beating Heart of Arbrea Labs

Research and Development (R&D) form the beating heart of Arbrea Labs. Through the pursuit of technological excellence, Arbrea Labs continues to scale new heights in the field of aesthetics. Augmented reality represents merely the initial stepping stone for the company, as it sets the foundation for the future Aesthetic Metaverse—a visionary concept aimed at revolutionizing the aesthetics industry and improving patients’ lives through technology. Arbrea Labs envisions a future where technological innovations merge seamlessly with the art of aesthetics to enhance the well-being and self-confidence of individuals worldwide.

A Proud Affiliation with ETH Zurich

Today, ETH Zurich proudly claims the 9th spot in the ranking of Top Universities globally. As Arbrea Labs, we are honoured to be integral to this prestigious institution’s accomplishments. Our affiliation with ETH Zurich is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our continuous drive to leverage advanced research and education to bring about transformative changes in the world of aesthetics.

Arbrea Labs traces its roots back to the research labs of ETH Zurich, a world-renowned university known for its academic excellence. Fueled by a personal journey and the drive to improve patients’ lives, Arbrea Labs combines aesthetics with cutting-edge technology to pave the way for a future Aesthetic Metaverse. With a strong focus on research and collaboration, Arbrea Labs continues to push the boundaries of innovation, aiming to revolutionize the aesthetics industry and empower individuals on their aesthetic journeys. As we forge ahead, we are grateful for our association with ETH Zurich, a beacon of academic achievement, and we look forward to creating a positive impact through our ongoing research and development endeavours.

To know more about the groundbreaking work and transformative innovations of Arbrea Labs, powered by the research legacy of ETH Zurich, join us on our journey of merging technology and aesthetics. Explore the possibilities, discover the future of aesthetic solutions, and be a part of our mission to empower individuals worldwide. Stay connected with us to stay up-to-date with the latest developments, research projects, and advancements in the field. Together, let’s unlock new frontiers in aesthetics and create a world where technology and beauty converge seamlessly.