Lindapp PRO

From:  199.00 / month

With Lindapp PREMIUM you get:

  • Breast & Face home simulation
  • Patient Tutorial
  • Personalised app experience
  • Personal Code Generation
  • Follow-up notification (available soon) 
  • Simulation logo
  • Tailored Navigation
  • Premium Support
  • Monthly Report


Lindapp PRO is an AR-based software designed for patients. Before the consultation, the patient can get a sense of the potential outcomes of breast and face procedures by simulating them privately and comfortably at home. Additionally, Lindapp PRO turns out to be your APP and the most powerful marketing tool for doctors.  It is customisable with your logo, phone number, email address and website. Your patient can contact you from within the app, bridging the gap between doctors vs patients. 

Lindapp PRO offers the power of Arbrea Labs Augmented Reality either for Breast Augmentation surgery and Face procedures. For patients concerned about preoperative stress, an augmented reality simulator can be essential to clarify questions and fear and visualise the differences between the sizes and characteristics of each procedure.

The simulation increases education and fastens up the decision process and conversion. Provide your patients with a pleasant digital experience and a high-quality educational service. They will be able to simulate procedures and visualise the changes in Augmented Reality, including breast augmentation surgery, lips augmentation, facelifting, chin & cheeks enhancement, jawline contouring, rhinofiller or surgical rhinoplasty, and many other abrasive or nonsurgical procedures. 

Lindapp doesn’t require data sharing for security reasons, and the pictures will remain safe on the patient’s device. Enhance your patient’s experience, and offer them this incredible digital experience. Join the medical Metaverse Revolution, and explore the whole Arbrea Ecosystem – Arbrea Face and Arbrea Breast.