Lindapp Advanced

From:  99.00 / month

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  • Augmented Reality: Extremely precise AR that allows a Mirroring experience  
  • Sculpting: The modes Vertical Lift and Cleavage Width 
  • Before and After 
  • Hide Face



  • AR Image Mode
  • Live Mirror AR
  • Waiting Room Mode
  • Eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Mouth
  • Nose
  • Skin


Lindapp Advanced is the first AR simulator developed especially for patients. Lindapp offers an experience that has never been seen in the old-style consultations. Even before the appointment, your patients can simulate breast augmentation or facial procedures from the comfort of their homes. They will safely and visually experience possible results from their treatments, helping to align expectations, providing high-quality educational service, and saving time during your consultation. 

Lindapp is not only an essential educational tool but is also a powerful marketing method for plastic surgeons. They get more visibility and engage more with the patients while accompanying them on the entire “patient’s journey”. By choosing Lindapp Advanced, the practitioner can decide whether to integrate breast or face simulations. There is always the possibility of upgrading to Lindapp PRO and accessing both features.

Before planning a facial harmonisation or facial plastic surgery, your patients can simulate in AR and have a sense of the possible outcomes of the procedures. It is possible to simulate numerous procedures, such as cheek & chin enhancement, forehead & frown fine lines, lips augmentation, rhinofiller, eyebrow shaping, and jawline contouring. Lindapp runs offline to guarantee privacy and security. It does not upload any personal data, pictures, or videos. To have a fully customisable app, with your logo and personal contact information on it, together with face and breast AR simulation tools integrated, please check now Lindapp PRO.