Arbrea Face Advanced

From:  99.00 / month

Abrea Face Advanced for surgeons includes the following features:

  • AR Image Mode
  • Live Mirror AR
  • Waiting Room Mode
  • Eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Mouth
  • Skin
  • Heat-map
  • Export Tool


By including the Arbrea Face Advanced plan in your consultations, you will be able to simulate surgical and non-surgical face procedures and show your patients the possible outcomes in Augmented Reality image mode. Arbrea Face Advanced can simulate in AR numerous procedures when planning a facial harmonisation and a facial plastic surgery. Such as cheek enhancement, forehead & frown lines, lips augmentation, botulinum toxin and fillers. 

Show their Before and After in live mode and give your patients a glimpse of their future selves. This immersive experience will make them feel like they are looking into a “magic mirror.”Arbrea’s technology takes in-person and online consultations to the next level.

Your patients will visualise the possible results of their procedures in real-time and directly on their bodies. This practical experience helps inform your patients about the treatment, solving doubts that wouldn’t have otherwise been answered. It increases engagement, trust, and conversion. The doctor will be throughout the whole process of the patient’s journey, starting even before the surgery. Arbrea Ecosystem aims to cover the needs of all professionals in the Aesthetic Industry thanks to 3 different tools: Arbrea Breast, Arbrea Face and Lindapp, the patients’app. Arbrea Face simulator tool was developed to assist not only plastic surgeons but also dermatologists, Aesthetic doctors, and other professionals certified in such practice.

We aim to democratise technology so that it may reach as many doctors as possible. You have the option of paying monthly, quarterly, or yearly. The plans are flexible, and the doctor can always upgrade as needed. The Arbrea Face Advanced plan is available on iPad and is soon available on iPhone. 

To integrate also the 3D visualisation along with Augmented Reality, please check the complete solution for planning facial procedures, Arbrea Face PRO.