Arbrea Breast LITE

From:  99.00 / month

Arbrea Breast Lite includes the following features:

  • Breast Augmentation in 3D mode
  • Breast Asymmetry in 3D Mode
  • Sculpting 
  • Database Export Tool


Arbrea Breast Lite is a plan designed for plastic surgeons who want to have a first approach to the Arbrea ecosystem. Thanks to the user-friendliness of Arbrea’s software, you can start using our products immediately during your consultation, saving time and improving communication with your patients. To simulate 3D breast augmentation and asymmetry correction, you just need to take three photographs of the patients. In seconds, you will be able to show them the possible outcomes before the surgery, thanks to a realistic and accurate 3D model. All the Arbrea Breast Simulators are available on the iPad or iPhone and do not require additional external scanners or an internet connection. Check our list of compatible devices.

The features of Arbrea Breast LITE give the doctor the means for a 100% personalized simulation. Each simulation is done especially for each person, having in mind its unique characteristics, parameters, and conditions. All the features aim to reduce the misinformation and assist the patient towards an informed decision prior to the procedure.

The simulation increases education and fastens up the decision process and conversion. Provide your patients with a pleasant digital experience and a high-quality educational service. You can choose the most convenient billing period and pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can always decide to upgrade to the Basic or Advanced plan if your needs change. For a complete digital experience, you can also take a loot to Arbrea Face and Lindapp, the first augmented reality app designed especially for your patients. Start to simulate with Arbrea Breast and become part of the medical metaverse!