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The stage was set in Seoul, South Korea, as Arbrea Labs made its grand entrance at the Comeup Global Startup Festival 2023. Led by our visionary CEO, Endri Dibra, Arbrea Labs showcased the ambitious vision of building the world’s first Medical & Aesthetic Metaverse. This groundbreaking concept relies on 3D digital human avatars and applied augmented reality to revolutionize the way medical treatments are handled.

Taking a moment to revisit our journey, how did we find ourselves back in Seoul? Just one year after the Biomedical Conference 2022, we found ourselves back in the heart of innovation, ready to unveil our audacious project. Our mission? To introduce a groundbreaking project set to redefine the worlds of health and aesthetics through the extraordinary potential of cutting-edge AR technology. This year, we have the privilege of engaging with the Korean community during two distinguished events: the Comeup Global Startup Festival 2023 and the 81st Congress of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS Korea), scheduled from November 10th to 12th, 2023. PRS Korea is a significant international gathering, drawing over 2,000 plastic surgeons not only from Korea but from all corners of the globe. endri dibra and medical metaverse at comeup global startup festival 2023

The Genesis of the Digital Human Avatar Project

The Digital Human Avatar Project is the brainchild of our relentless pursuit of innovation at Arbrea Labs. It was conceived through a confluence of expertise in computer vision, machine learning, and cutting-edge technology. Our journey began with a deep commitment to making advanced 3D avatars accessible to everyone. We recognized that expensive and complex scanning technology hindered the widespread adoption of this concept. In response, we sought to revolutionize avatar creation by enabling individuals to craft realistic 3D avatars directly from their smartphones.
The inception of the Digital Human Avatar Project is deeply intertwined with the remarkable story of Arbrea Labs and the personal journey of Dr. Endri Dibra. Endri Dibra’s journey started during his master’s thesis at Disney Research. He was introduced to the concept of realistic digital human avatars, particularly in facial captures. However, he realized that the technology was costly and not easily accessible. This led to a pivotal question: What if realistic 3D human avatars could be created directly from a smartphone? Endri Dibra’s fascination with this idea expanded to cover the entire human body, not just the face. During his Ph.D., he dedicated his expertise to medical treatments, focusing initially on previsualizing breast procedures for patients. In 2018, Endri Dibra founded Arbrea Labs in the heart of the Swiss technology hub, Technopark Zurich. Starting as a local startup, Arbrea Labs has now expanded its reach to 40 countries and aims to establish a strong presence in South Korea.

From the Digital Human Avatar to the Medical Metaverse

The genesis of Arbrea Labs is marked by a profound recognition of the critical need for advanced visualization tools in the medical and aesthetic fields. It was the culmination of a broader vision, with a focus on addressing the inherent challenges faced by both patients and surgeons. The decision to dedicate our work to medical treatments was rooted in the understanding that there existed a significant gap in the way patients visualized and prepared for life-altering procedures.

While the project’s inception was not personally driven, it was undeniably motivated by the real-world experiences of countless individuals. The statistics painted a clear picture: a substantial number of women contemplated breast surgery, and this decision was often accompanied by a myriad of anxieties regarding the procedure’s outcome. Surgeons, too, faced the need for more effective tools to enhance their consultations, educate their patients, and meticulously plan surgeries.

Recognizing the urgency of these needs, Arbrea Labs embarked on a journey to bridge the gap between technology and medicine, envisioning a future where innovative tools would provide both patients and medical professionals with a transformative, immersive experience in the realm of healthcare. The Digital Human Avatar Project is at the heart of this vision, paving the way for a Medical Metaverse that promises to revolutionize the medical aesthetics field.

The Future of Healthcare: Digital Avatars and Their Role in Well-being

While the concept of the metaverse often invokes images of science fiction, it’s important to recognize that the medical metaverse is already a tangible reality, offering a multitude of applications. This innovative approach extends its reach into surgical consultation, operation and training, mental health treatment, medical education, and diagnostics. At Arbrea Labs, our mission transcends the boundaries of aesthetics, encompassing holistic well-being.

In the context of the Medical Metaverse and our work at Arbrea, our vision stretches far beyond aesthetics. While aesthetics and plastics stand as the initial pillar due to their visual nature, we have two additional pillars that delve deeper into the realms of health and well-being: Nutrition and Physical Exercise. These pillars require time and extensive research, as we explore how digital avatars can play a pivotal role in reshaping our understanding of nutrition, exercise, and their effects on the human body.

We have already embarked on experiments that delve into the correlation between body fat loss and exercise in the 3D digital realm. In the grander scheme of things, these developments circle back to what might be the defining issue of the century—Mental Health. As we continue to advance our technology and understanding, we aim to bring a holistic approach to well-being through the medium of the Medical Metaverse, driving positive change in the way we perceive and manage our mental and physical health.

Shaping the Metaverse: Arbrea Labs’ Technology

Arbrea’s commitment to innovation and pursuit of transformative solutions for the medical and aesthetic fields stand as a testament to our vision. With a focus on preserving patient data security and accessibility, our Suite of tools empowers both individuals and healthcare professionals to shape a new digital surgical experience. Lindapp, tailored for patients, allows for a personalized and informed journey through the world of medical aesthetics, while the Arbrea Suite equips surgeons with invaluable tools for consultation and surgical planning.

The true essence of Arbrea Labs’ pioneering spirit shines through its comprehensive technology portfolio, which encompasses both the face and body. The creation of lifelike full-body digital avatars is a cornerstone in realizing the visionary concept of the Medical Aesthetic Metaverse. As the boundaries between technology and medicine blur, Arbrea Labs continues to drive innovation, promising a future where personalized, immersive healthcare experiences redefine the landscape of patient care. The journey has just begun, and with each step, we draw closer to a world where the digital and the medical unite in a harmonious revolution.