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How a Responsible MedTech Company makes the difference for your patients

With the advent of Web3 and the increasing use of IoT technologies, cybersecurity concerns are growing exponentially. The healthcare sector is certainly not excluded from these worries; on the contrary, protecting patient data is mandatory for healthcare organisations and companies that operate in the field.

The frequency of healthcare data breaches proves that: between 2009 and 2021, 4,419 healthcare data breaches of 500 or more records have been reported to the American HHS Office for Civil Rights. 

A robust healthcare data protection program goes beyond compliance. HIPAA and GDPR, the privacy regulations provided by the U.S. government and the European Union, are certain safeguards. Still, they are not enough to keep your data safe from possible cyber attacks.

Relying on a responsible MedTech company like Arbrea Labs can avoid future problems and incredibly high fines. Suffice it to say that data breaches can cost up to $ 6 billion for the healthcare industry, and the US also tops the list of the most expensive data breaches, besides Germany.

Arbrea Labs protects your patients’ data

Ethics & Transparency are the pillars of our value proposition. Arbrea takes your data very seriously, processing them lawfully, fairly, and transparently. 

Arbrea’s solutions are purely software-based, run offline, and all processing is done locally on the device to avoid cloud sharing and ensure that the data is safely stored, mitigating the risk of unwanted shares

We comply with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), following all the principles of Data Protection assured by ART 5 (read more at

  • All the data is processed lawfully and with transparency.
  • The information is collected only and uniquely to do the AR & 3D simulation during the consultation. 
  • The processing of personal data is limited to the purposes for which they are processed. 
  • The data is stored on the device, and the is no cloud-sharing. 
  • The doctor keeps all the data, ensuring its integrity and confidentiality. 

More About Arbrea’s AR & 3D simulation tools

We aim to reduce the stress and anxiety of plastic surgery patients by developing innovative technologies to help plastic surgeons. We are pioneering the Medical Metaverse with our sophisticated yet simple-to-use AR & 3D solutions

Arbrea’s technology was developed in Switzerland. The doctor can simulate breast and facial surgeries in less than 90 seconds, amazing their patients with astonishing before and after in Augmented Reality and 3D view. 

The patients can see the possible outcomes from their procedures and solve doubts and questions. Our simulators are super easy, fast and simple to use. They don’t complicate your consultations and run offline.