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new Release 

new Release 

new Release 

new release 

new release 

new release 

Arbrea Breast New Release

Focus on the Hybrid Breast Augmentation

We have heard your requests loud and clear and are proud to bring you the Hybrid Breast Augmentation Mode with Fat Grafting!

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Want to talk with Arbrea Team? Live Support Chat lets you do so in seconds.

Say goodbye to long waits and hello to instant help – our new Live Support Chat is here to connect you with our team anytime you need us, getting answers to your questions simple and lightning-fast!

Connecting with your providers has never been easier

All in one place: simulate the procedure, connect with your provider, and order your implants from within the Arbrea Breast.

Ordering the breast implants you plan to use is incredibly simple – with just one click on Arbrea Breast, they can be directly ordered and on their way to you.

Get ready for the new release – it’s now available for you!

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Frequently asked questions

What new features are included in the latest release of Arbrea Breast?

The latest release of Arbrea Breast includes overall improvements and a range of exciting new features, including simulation of Hybrid Breast Augmentation with fat grafting, the new feature to Order Implants to your provider and a Live Support Chat to get in touch with our team anytime you need.

How can I update to the latest version of Arbrea Breast?

Yes! Upgrading to the latest version of Arbrea Breast is quick and straightforward. Go to the App Store and update your app with a simple click.

Will the latest release of Arbrea Breast work on my iOS devices?

Your iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) must run at least iOS 15 to use all features properly.

Are all the new features included in my plan?

It depends on your current plan. To enjoy all the new features offered in the latest release of Arbrea Breast, you’ll need to have an active subscription to Arbrea Breast Advanced. Upgrade today to take advantage of all the latest features!