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Be your own perfect Match

Ready to reveal the best version of you? Shine a light on your future look with Bellea!

Simulate cosmetic procedures and easily locate the plastic surgeon closest to you


Let Bellea be your guide to the look of your dreams

With Bellea, you can get a virtual idea of the outcome of your breast or facial treatment, while you can easily locate the plastic surgeon nearest to you.

Facial Procedures
Breast Augmentation

Come experience the wonders of Bellea

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Got questions?

What exactly is Bellea?

Bellea is an app that uses Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to simulate the possible aesthetic outcome of your facial or breast procedure.
In Bellea you can also find information about cosmetic treatments and consult a list of surgeons to find the one closest to you.

When will Bellea be available for use?

We have been preparing for this moment for months and finally in a few days Bellea will be available on the Appstore. We will let you know via email during the launch. Following the initial launch, we will quickly roll out new features every one to two weeks.

Do I need to link my bank account in order to use it?

No! Bellea will be completely free for all new users. You will be able to simulate all the treatments you want, contact the doctors on the list, and read all the latest news about your favourite treatments.

Will Bellea work on my phone?

For now Bellea will only be available on the AppStore, but we are working on launching an Android version soon.
Your iOS device must be running at least iOS 15 to use all features properly.

Can't wait to try Bellea!

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